About SFD

Message from the CEO


Building a new home is a big decision and I would like to take the opportunity to tell you why you should choose us.

I started in the home building and development business in 1999 when I wanted to build my own home. What I discovered surprised and concerned me. The industry was dominated by few large developers and a handful of home builders offering virtually the same product at the same price. The lack of creativity, innovation, variety or flexibility was astonishing. It was what the industry was used to and customers accepted because they had no choice. Entry into the marketplace for smaller builders and diversity of product was limited to in-fill house or outside the city. large developments offered the same old cookie cutter approach to house building and every street looked the same as the next.

I choose to start this business with a vision of offering diversity of product at an affordable price and opening the market to smaller builders that provide a personal touch, because there is nothing more personal than your home.

Castlebury A Interior

Castlebury Meadows Plan A

Our subdivisions offer access to all builders and our homes are all different, since they were envisioned by the customers.

We believe that every home should be a custom home, unique as you are. We personally design every home to accommodate the needs of the owners. We consider ourselves as facilitators, it's your money, it's your home, it's your dream... we are here to make it a reality.

These days we see many families have diverse living conditions, adult children moving back home with parents, elderly parents living with their children and grandchildren. We have been building homes to accommodate these situations for 23 years.

About Santa Fe Developments

Most of the time you will find the principles of the company on the job site, not just at the time of signing the contract or handing over the keys.

We will never charge you a $300 change order fee. We will give you the cost of any changes you request and let you choose (If you want granite countertops, we will give you the cost, you can compare anywhere else).

We will never try to entice you with "base price" and then add $20,000 worth of extras. We will give you what we know is needed and let you choose the rest (We know you need Air Conditioning, we give it to you in the price, not as an extra).

We will never say "NO" ( if you found a chandelier that you like online, we will have our electrician install it for you).

We will reply to your enquiry or concern within 48 hours.

We will not pass you off to the suppliers (If the furnace is guaranteed for 10 years, and it stops after 9, you can call us and we will deal with the manufacturer about the warranty ).

Our Promise

  • Accountability
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • Integrity